Madonna Revealed - A Celebration of Inner Knowing

In the Hill Country, Austin Texas 
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This weekend painting and transformative retreat gathers the energies of the full moon, a refreshing opportunity for contemplation of the Divine within through the methods of Intentional Creativity. 

No painting experience is required, (really!) your presence and sincere holding of intention for openness to inner listening, revelation and renewal is all that is needed for a beautiful meaningful result.  Anyone can do this, and enjoy their result, PLUS experience a lovely fascinating shift in awareness and attitude!


I will guide you through the simple yet profound transformatively creative painting process that reveals and explores your own personal inner knowing, explored and strengthened while in the space of freedom from your own judgement immersed in a supportive community of like minded women.

Contemplations, intriguing discussions, profound beautiful ambient harp music and a peaceful low stress environment enrich this uniquely exquisite retreat experience.  Delicious snacks, coffee, tea, beverages , chocolate and roses enhance the event throughout the day.

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ALL CLASS SUPPLIES provided, acrylic paints, brushes, etc.  You will paint on a 16"x 20"or 18"x 24" canvas, at an easel. (see photos below).  If you need to be seated while painting, table easels are also available (please let Madhavi know).

Depending on the group, light tasty snacks, beverages and healthy lunch are available, feel free to bring any special foods you might like or require with some to share.  If you'd like to finish your lovely painting at home, a supply list will be provided, or alternately, private lessons with Madhavi may be arranged individually to support your process.

Coming from Out of Town? Delightful! 

The retreat location is only 20 mins from Austin Bergstrom Int'l. Airport.  Ample food, lodging and transport services are available close by, as well as access to downtown Austin in the evenings if desired.


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Friday - Flower Moon Honoring Ceremony  7-9pm


Open to class participants, and to Full Moon friends, ceremony,  sharing of intentions and class introduction.  Refreshments served.

Saturday, Sunday - Class from 10:30 - 5pm

Light healthy snacks and lunch provided, other food contributions welcome, (especially if there are special dietary needs).

Madhavi's Intentional Creativity methods powerfully help transform our relationship to ourselves and our orientation to our universe through reshaping our story and our deeply rooted image of ourselves.

We refer to the creative being holding the paintbrush or pen the Artist, although working with this method requires no experience and one does not need to identify as an artist. Often it works better for those who are still uncertain about their craft because they cannot help but get out of their own way.

Please join us for this amazing creative weekend by registering above and be sure to sign up for my mailing list to receive information about future classes!




About Intentional Creativity©: "In a nutshell, Intentional Creativity© is a process that combines creative expression with mindfulness to support growth & healing. You literally create around your intention. Making art in this way is not about being talented, gifted or artistic. It's not predicated on identifying as an artist or even feeling creative."- (Rachel Bavis


The Intentional Creativity Foundation was created in the knowledge that healing is possible through creativity. We know that all beings are inherently creative. When we are given the tools to create a path of healing and self expression, the ability to transform our lives is in our hands because we have access to our own identity. We believe that inside of every single being resides an internal navigation system which is deeply connected with that person’s core identity and ability to self express.

At the very heart of our work is teaching people how to access this guidance for themselves and use it in the authoring of lasting change in their lives.

The Intentional Creativity Foundation is a platform for transformation without borders. We are committed to forging connections between art, healing, women and the people who love them worldwide. Our delivery vehicle for this is our educational courses, published materials and Red Thread Nation blog and our global online Red Thread Cafe Community with a common vision to lift up the stories and images of our creative works and unfolding stories. For more information: