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Temple of Compassion
12200 FM 389, Burton, TX 77835

Temple of Compassion is a beautiful inter-faith community of prayer, worship, and meditation, and a place of retreat for people of all religions.  The whole property exudes a sense of peace, care and rest.  The temple is located centrally between to Houston, Austin and Dallas, accessible within a few hours drive.  Its spacious verdant acres, and quiet surroundings are a perfect location for this revelatory and transformative journey to the "Heart of the Divine" that lives within each one of us, waiting lovingly to be revealed.

"Heart of the Divine"

TBA Fall 2019

An illuminating and uplifting exploration of our own relationship from the heart with Divine Mother expressed through creativity, meditation and divine image, revealed to each of us in paint on canvas.  How do we hold her, and how does she embrace us?

No painting experience needed, (truly!) and all levels of experience welcome, materials will be provided and techniques will be demonstrated so that each person can paint their vision of the retreat's theme. Not to worry, if our intentions are sincere, our divine images will surely be meaningful and enlightening!


“Intuitive, meditative” means that each person will be guided by Madhavi to allow and trust their own inner voice, their feeling heart to manifest on the canvas, not plan how the painting will look, or how it "should be". 

This supportive environment encourages each person's inspiration to shine. Shapes and symbols add meaning and dimension, while meditation and intention add the transformative aspect of personal journey to each loved one's unique artwork. 


A manifestation of sacred space, sharing fellowship, series of readings, meditations, music and private contemplative time all contribute to the participant’s immersion into quiet contemplation, while manifesting a personal meaningful Divine Mother image on canvas, that each

participant takes home, at the end of this lovely painting retreat.


Friday evening, (Date TBA) - 7:30 PM - 9:30PM

Saturday and Sunday, (DATE TBA) All Day

Detailed schedule and more class information provided upon registration.

Registration costs cover fresh organic meals, dorm-style housing and class materials.

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SPECIAL NOTICE!  This particular session of "Heart of the Divine"at Temple of Compassion is reserved for Kriyavans of the Paramahamsa Hariharananda Lineage.  Please check my workshop schedule to register for this same class offered at my home, another convenient location, (feel free to make a request, or host me!) or in the future at Temple of Compassion that does not have this Kriyavan requirement.  Thanks so much for your understanding!

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...about class content?  madhavidevi333@gmail.com

...about Temple of Compassion, facilities or special     needs requests?      info@templeofcompassion.org

"If it’s even half as fabulous as the last class I did, it will   be amazing! Looking forward to the next adventure!   Love Love Love!"   - Barbara B.

Looking forward to being with you on this incredible creative journey!  - In Love and Light, Madhavi 

About Intentional Creativity©: "In a nutshell, Intentional Creativity© is a process that combines creative expression with mindfulness to support growth & healing. You literally create around your intention. Making art in this way is not about being talented, gifted or artistic. It's not predicated on identifying as an artist or even feeling creative."- (Rachel Bavis


The Intentional Creativity Foundation was created in the knowledge that healing is possible through creativity. We know that all beings are inherently creative. When we are given the tools to create a path of healing and self expression, the ability to transform our lives is in our hands because we have access to our own identity. We believe that inside of every single being resides an internal navigation system which is deeply connected with that person’s core identity and ability to self express.

At the very heart of our work is teaching people how to access this guidance for themselves and use it in the authoring of lasting change in their lives.

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