Feel like taking a break, immersing yourself in nature, sound, ambient music, great food and ART, while enjoying your own personal creative expressions and revelations through painting on canvas (yes, you can, I promise!). Please join me for these incredible retreat experiences and private lessons! 

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"Album Cover Highlights" video!

Laurie White and Patti Downing, owners of Spirit Wind Ridge Retreat Center in St. Helens, OR, interviews Madhavi Devi about Intentional Creativity, and her Summer Retreat Series of painting and self-discovery workshops.

Unboxing Madhavi's Most Recent Album 
​"The Truth of Being"

I am so excited about this album, a labor of love, time and space! My painting "Madhavi Unchained"is incorporated into the cover art, designed by Daniel Pipitone.  Also SO happy that the reviews by music industry professionals have been terrific, so grateful for their listening and support!

Excerpts and sales of "The Truth of Being" can be found at  https://spottedpeccary.com/shop/truth-of-being/

Spotted Peccary's description: "Madhavi Devi‘s first solo album on the Spotted Peccary label, THE TRUTH OF BEING, is a heartfelt musical reflection upon the cathartic experience of self-discovery. Drawing from her multi-faceted explorations as both a visual and musical artist, Madhavi Devi (Cheryl Gallagher) delivers a visionary album rich with musical meditations that blur the line between the tranquility of inner peace and the thrill of discovering unexplored personal realms."

Madhavi's "Legend"

Madhavi Devi documented her personal painting process "Legend: Oracle and Ally", timelapsed painting video using the Intentional Creativity method taught by famed artist, maestra and author Shiloh Sophia McCloud. In this time-lapsed video, featuring her original music "Palace" from her Tibet album, released on Spotted Peccary Music, a collaborated album with recognized fellow Spotted Peccary artist, Deborah Martin.  

​"Ange Bien-Aime de la Lumiere" 

A silent montage of this artistic process from intention to finished piece from Madhavi's cycle of personal development in Intentional Creativity, doing the strenuous inner work on the path to artistic authenticity and expression.

This short video interview of Madhavi Devi, artist of the new ambient electronic and meditative album "The Truth of Being" talks about her source and method of creative inspiration and includes recommendations for all creators to enter their own states of "Creative Flow" for their own authentic experience of creative inspiration. Madhavi Devi's music is available at www.spottedpeccary.com/shop/the-truth-of-being, also at SpottedPeccary's page on Bandcamp and her music, artworks and opportunities for Intentional Creativity are found right here at www.madhavidevi.com.

​"Embracing the Infinite"- Soulfire

Timelapsed painting - Soulfire series , Color of Woman School, soundtrack featuring "Omkara", ambient meditative music from my "Source of Compassion" album with Howard Givens on the Spotted Peccary Music label.

"Prayer for Peace"
As a humble and heartfelt offering of peace and light on this total eclipse day, I offer "Prayer for Peace", reprised as a beautiful video of nature, celestial light, and for peace and abundance for all.  Some of you will remember this music from the many times I've played P4P over the years, it is as relevant now as ever, a counterbalance to the chaotic energies of this world. Please enjoy and share, spread the love and light of "Prayer for Peace". 
Madhavi's "Tibet" Interview


In this early pre-release interview, Madhavi shares the significance of her journey to Tibet and the wisdom she acquired along the way.

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