Madhavi offers private creativity, art and painting online lessons, small classes, focus groups, workshops and retreats, both local and destination.  Join her email list here for more information about her offerings and to schedule a lesson or class!
Ready for some transformation in your life?  Some positive changes, energy shifts, new relationships in the world?


in 2021-2022... TBA

Online only due to COVID-19

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Also, if you'd like me to come to your town, let me know, and we can make it happen!

     "Thank you for a beautiful weekend of learning, creativity, community and fun! You are a great teacher and your music is divine; you created such a welcoming space, inviting us all to let go of the inner critic and love the process of creating. It obviously worked because everyone made something truly beautiful. And thanks, too, for the delicious lunches and festive drinks! 

     Thanks to everyone for making a perfectly relaxed, fun and supportive group energy, and special props to sweet Corbin for giving us all his loving presence. I enjoyed being with all of you so much and hope to have the chance to be with you all again soon.

     I feel blessed to have been part of this; I love the picture of all of us with our creations of the Divine Mother. It really is amazing what we did in two days!"                                                      - H.S., Austin TX

No painting experience needed, and all levels of experience welcome, materials will be provided and techniques will be demonstrated that each person can use to paint their vision of the retreat's theme. 


“Intuitive, meditative” means that each person will be led allow their own inner voice to manifest on the canvas, not plan how the painting will look, or how it should be.  This supportive environment encourages each person's inspiration to shine.


A manifestation of sacred space, sharing fellowship, series of readings, meditations, music and private contemplative time all contribute to the participant’s immersion into quiet contemplation, while manifesting a personal meaningful image on canvas, that each participant takes home, at the end of this painting retreat.


Enjoy unrestricted creative freedom, rest, companionship and contemplation of the Divine,  please sign up for my mailing list here and we will send details and sign in information as soon as available.

Please join my email list for upcoming workshops and other event details. 

(I never release information to third parties and will contact you on a limited basis, because I prefer that too, in my own life! ;D )

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Some supplies are provided during painting workshops.
Madhavi Devi offers painting workshops and retreats.
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"I agree 100% with [H.S]., I had the best time! I really stepped out of my comfort zone! And enjoyed every minute of our time together!

Thank You So Much!!"

Love!                                     -S.F, Dripping Springs TX

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Private Lessons are always available, please contact me HERE to arrange your personal online lessons.
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Private Lessons are always available, please contact me HERE to arrange your own personal class.


About Intentional Creativity©: "In a nutshell, Intentional Creativity© is a process that combines creative expression with mindfulness to support growth & healing. You literally create around your intention. Making art in this way is not about being talented, gifted or artistic. It's not predicated on identifying as an artist or even feeling creative."- (Rachel Bavis


The Intentional Creativity Foundation was created in the knowledge that healing is possible through creativity. We know that all beings are inherently creative. When we are given the tools to create a path of healing and self expression, the ability to transform our lives is in our hands because we have access to our own identity. We believe that inside of every single being resides an internal navigation system which is deeply connected with that person’s core identity and ability to self express.

At the very heart of our work is teaching people how to access this guidance for themselves and use it in the authoring of lasting change in their lives.

The Intentional Creativity Foundation is a platform for transformation without borders. We are committed to forging connections between art, healing, women and the people who love them worldwide. Our delivery vehicle for this is our educational courses, published materials and Red Thread Nation blog and our global online Red Thread Cafe Community with a common vision to lift up the stories and images of our creative works and unfolding stories. For more information: