Madhavi Devi - the Musician

I am an internationally known ambient electronic musician and performing acoustic and electric harpist on the esteemed Spotted Peccary Music record label, since 2004. 


"For over three decades, the artists of Spotted Peccary have continued to explore the combined textures of electronic and acoustic music; defining a unique sound that embodies the essence of this vast world, and expanding the very boundaries of inspiration"


My critically acclaimed releases feature rich textures and nuanced melodic structures that are evocatively moving and intimate, and yet celestial in scope. Nature sounds, various acoustic percussive elements, and subtly crafted electronic sub-components all add eloquence to her sonic palette and choreography. With several releases over the last couple decades, I continue to explore my innate sensitivities towards musical conversation, evolving sound as a vital connection to personal discovery.

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Madhavi Devi - the Artist

Ever since I can remember (and my memory goes way back) I was always a creative soul, drawing, coloring, every page of paper I could find, filling the flyleaves of all my books with drawings and color.  I told all who asked that I wanted to grow up to be an artist.

Then, as usual, life happened.  My family loved art museums and creative activities, I had lots of exposure to the humanities, always remained an actively creative person but my wish was not respected.  It was decades before I had the freedom again to fully pursue my purest childhood I compose my music and art with a sincere and open heart, and enjoy empowering others to manifest their own creative inspirations.  

My years of life experience, training, wisdom and spirit inform my creative process, my music, art, and especially the experience of the extraordinary benefits of unimpeded creative flow.  

Let's learn and grow together. If my way of being resonates with you, please come and create with an open mind and heart.

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Madhavi Devi -  Classes, Programs and Retreats
Adventures in Intentional Creativity© 

So much more than just a painting class... my creative guidance is a beautiful holistic healing technology for personal growth, healing traumas, unblocking old stories and inner discovery expressed through paint on canvas especially for women. 


The IC painting class process is structured to provide a beautiful atmosphere for each person to explore through experiences of contemplation, nature, sacred space, gentle guided painting instruction and mutual class support. 

Each student creates a painted image on canvas, using high quality acrylic mediums and other media that arises from their own being. Symbols, images and textures based on the theme of the class, but unique to each individual, appear in the mind and heart, to be arranged on the canvas with my guided support, the revelations revealed range from technical, to supremely life-changing, depending on the inner needs and readiness of each individual.

NO PAINTING EXPERIENCE is REQUIRED to achieve an image of profound relevance, meaning and beauty, an open heart and mind are all that is needed.  Please explore the current class schedule, and if you feel resonance with the class topics, please register!  Sign up for my mailing list below to keep up with all the creative opportunities offered!

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"I embrace and share the rich meaningful and transformative complements of artistic and musical journeys, as I serve us all transiting though this life...

People tend to think they can't explore art this way... but you really can, if only you are open to the experience.  


Join me in exploring the quantum boundaries of the possible!"    - Madhavi Devi

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