"The Truth of Being"

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“The Truth of Being" is a splendid album which redefined parameters of ambient music with a richness that had never reached my ears yet” - Sylvain Lupari , Synths and Sequences

(Also, "Ambient with a zest of mysteries" - Sounds delicious, thanks so much Sylvain! ) -  ;-D  Madhavi

So MANY great reviews, thank you!
Top 10 ambient album  (textura.org)

"[Madhavi's] as much visual artist as sound painter, and consequently it doesn't surprise that her nuanced musical visions are not only evocative but also sensitive to tone colour and texture. The album's six settings blur the line between inner and outer realms, the journeys in this case arguably more focused on navigating inner states of being. To achieve such ends, [Madhavi] deploys synthesizers (digital, analog, modular, software), concert grand and electric harps, and Tibetan bowls, while guests Stephanie Britten Phillips (viola) and Givens (ambient electric guitar, modular synthesizers) assist her in realizing said goals. Ultimately the detail is of minor importance, however, the thing that really matters being the material itself, whose incredible poise is realized throughout by [Madhavi Devi] with consummate skill and sensitivity.".  - textura.org

"Thank you for bringing so many hours of listening pleasure into my life with your release, which is a thing of wonder and beauty from start to finish!"

(Thank you, Ron Schepper!)

" Intense, immersive, uplifting, spiritual release by Madhavi Devi! Another huge surprise for me in 2018, another year with stunning ambient-releases in all sub-styles.. So much talent, so much beautiful music created... This one already one of my favourites after just 2 spins...on this absolute stunning release everything remains so intense and deep, in a way that I really treasure: drifting, floating... almost with a majestic feel to it. Put on those headphones and enjoy this deep journey... Congrats Madhavi..."  - Berkdrums on Bandcamp

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"Madhavi Devi is no newcomer to Spotted Peccary – her collaboration with Howard Givens on Source of Compassion (2016) and the much earlier collaboration with Deborah Martin (2004, then as Cheryl Gallagher) Tibet were both stunning achievements of widescreen cinematic beauty, and much of that transcendental and cosmic power has found its way into The Truth of Being, her first solo release on the label." Expose Online - review by Peter Thelen  (Thank you! - M.)

Madhavi Devi, Spotted Peccary Music, musician in studio, woman analog music

"Source of Compassion"

Seeking to explore a mindful relationship with music, spiritual practice, and the self-healing arts, veteran Spotted Peccary artists Howard Givens and Madhavi Devi (Cheryl Gallagher) delicately traverse subtle electronic-ambient wonderlands on their new release, Source Of Compassion. Seamlessly morphing from live studio recording techniques to multi-instrument choreography – including modular and analog synths, digital synths, samples, and acoustic elements – the album’s six tracks explore the meditative nature of electronic music.

Both Howard Givens and Madhavi Devi are well versed in this form of ambient electronic music, each having dedicated many years to the style, while refining their expression of it through previous works such as Tibet and Life Flows Water. These two seasoned artists seamlessly merge their musical expressions; balancing the serene, pastoral and non-rhythmic, with the occasional intensity of evolving pulses and beats, all of which draw on the heart-mind energy that inspires the collaborative space and is at the source of spiritual discovery.

"Source of Compassion"

"My interview with the pair revealed two people of tremendous depth, insight, and unbounded creativity, which will be reflected in this feature article. For them, the creative process is a vehicle for the expression of Spirit..."

Music and Media Focus  

article by Michael Diamond 
Source of Compassion, music album, Spotted Peccary Music, meditation music

"Source of Compassion" is among the best ambient opuses to get out of the American continent...”       Synths and Sequences webzine

full review by Sylvain Lupari

Spotted Peccary's Cover Art Highlight video, featuring the awesomely designed cover art by Daniel Pipitone, featuring my own paintings and an excerpt of "Luminescent Hue" a track on my new album "The Truth of Being." Purchase deals are available now at  https://spottedpeccary.com/shop/truth-of-being/

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“We took a trip to Tibet to experience, first hand, the majesty, beauty and spirit of the “Land above the clouds” Our hope is that these musical impressions will take you, the listener, on the same journey that we experienced.” 
– Deborah Martin & Cheryl Gallagher 

"Tibet" is a richly textured and highly emotive musical sojourn that takes the listener on a journey to the land above the clouds (as Tibet is known). Perfect for meditation, contemplation, deep listening and spiritual thought and practice. Deborah Martin and Cheryl Gallagher have composed a work of beauty and majesty mixing traditional tibetan percussion and taos drums, harps and electronics with samples of authentic tibetan prayers intoned by residents of this ruggedly awe inspiring country.

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"Pregnant Pause"

Debut album by harpist/electronic artist Cheryl Gallagher (aka Madhavi Devi) Its gentle contemporary instrumental rhythms and classical pieces include original compositions by Cheryl Gallagher and John Mills.  Concert and Electric Harp, Sax, Flutes Piano Percussion, Drums. Great for families to de-stress anytime, and was a surprise hit at its release, considered ahead of its time in instrumental music. Pregnant Pause is still popular 20 years post-release.  (Parents Choice Recommended Award, ASCAP Music Award)

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Cosmic Butterflies.jpg

Surprise Track!  Click on the image above to hear Madhavi's fun collaboration on "Flourish" with the ecstatic band "Cosmic Butterflies (and a Bear)"(cosmicbutterflies.com)

"Pregnant Pause"

"The first time I heard a song from this CD, I cried. I was holding my brand new baby in the middle of the night and track 9 (Quiet Time) came on the television's music channel. I bought it immediately and we still play it at bedtime for our 3-year-old. It is beautiful and the orchestration stunning. Thanks to Cheryl for putting out such a gorgeous CD."   - harpo280 

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