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"To The Moon" Collection

Images of this group of classic Madhavi Devi artworks will be traveling to the moon in an innovative time capsule of humanity's history and legacy in October 2024 featuring art from all over the world, to be launched on a SpaceX 9 rocket and Blue Ghost 1 lunar lander.  Also included in the same time capsule will be freeze dried specially preserived DNA from as much flora, fauna and humans, as well as a compilation of human knowledge and culture. It is a privilege to participate in this historic voyage of earth legacy.


Do you love them? Click HERE for more information about each artwork, the lunar mission and how the artworks are available, original paintings, custom prints in whatever size works for your space, and some are also available as digital assets and Space Art NFTs. 

Some of the collected artworks are physical original paintings, others are digital artworks (but not AI generated), derived from my paintings and published as NFTs on the Spaceibles Space Art platform at Copernic  Copernic Space and Lifeship provided me the opportunity to send these artworks photos and digital assets to the moon as a legacy building for future generations to discover and enjoy, possibly thousands or even millions of years in the future.

Click HERE for Artwork and Order Descriptions

Multiverse Earths

Quantum K4

Quantum Kaleidoscope IV


Madhavi Unchained

Madhavi Unchained

Microspace Gallagher Devi


Multiverse Moons

Moonsgate final


Imagine #5 - Gallagher 2020
Can't Look Away
Artifacts detail Alien M Devi 2020

Particle Collider II

Imagine #5

Can't Unsee

Half Moons Mania

Alien (detail of "Artifacts of Time and Space")

Galactic Forcefield

Vortex In Black III

Cheryl Madhavi plays harp
Cheryl Gallagher is aka Madhavi Devi

The two images of myself headed for the Moon with my art and DNA.

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