Madhavi Devi, artist, musician, Intentional Creativity teacher

Creative muse, Visual artist, Electronic musician, Harpist, and Meditative Sound Painter Madhavi Devi (Cheryl Gallagher) produces and performs music and art with intention towards supernal inner growth and development, composing inspiring sound-spaces and artworks reflective of mystical vibrations and light from the center of being.


Her critically acclaimed releases feature rich textures and nuanced melodic structures that are evocatively moving and intimate, and yet celestial in scope. Nature sounds, various acoustic percussive elements, and subtly crafted electronic sub-components all add eloquence to her sonic palette and choreography. With several releases over the last couple decades, Madhavi Devi continues to explore her innate sensitivities towards musical conversation, evolving sound as a vital connection to personal discovery. 

As a visual artist, Madhavi creates beautiful atmospheric spaces, inspired often by both Western and Asian ancient art, but always by sacred themes, spiritual culture and other natural influences especially intended for meditation, divine development, healing, and support of inner wisdom and truth. 


She has specialized training in creative arts education using the Intentional Creativity Methods, established by maestra Shiloh Sophia, offering transformational painting experiences using intuitive methods for revelatory self-discovery, personal development, release of limiting beliefs and healing.

 Madhavi appears at events, meditation and other retreats, lectures and conferences world-wide in her unique mission of cultivating peace, compassion and self-awareness  through her art and music.  Please sign up for my mailing list below for more information on amazing transformative upcoming events and classes!

SoundquestFest 2021 concert

 Spotted Peccary Artists, Howard Givens, Madhavi Devi, and Craig Padilla merge and blend their ambient electronic sound sculpted meditative styles in their premiere trio collaboration, formed to compose and perform a live recorded realization as part of SoundQuest Fest 2021, organized, curated and produced by legendary electronic - ambient pioneer Steve Roach.

It is Madhavi Devi's intention to share beauty, divine, and unique inspirations as artistic expression and musical meditation in spiritual discovery.

This pursuit has led Madhavi Devi on many journeys that have ranged from the shores of the western United States, collaborating with artists on Spotted Peccary Music and creating musical meditation performances to the heights of the Himalaya Mountains, trekking through Tibet and Nepal with fellow artists Deborah Martin and Mark Hunton, unearthing inspirations as the foundation for the SPM release TIBET. She has explored the most sacred inner contemplations of womanhood through her widely-received self-released PREGNANT PAUSE, and has fused the harp with electronic sound-spaces on numerous tracks and projects, all while examining the spaces between the notes... and the spaces between the worlds.

From Spotted Peccary Music : "Madhavi Devi‘s first solo album on the Spotted Peccary label, THE TRUTH OF BEING, is a heartfelt musical reflection upon the cathartic experience of self-discovery. Drawing from her multi-faceted explorations as both a visual and musical artist, Madhavi Devi (Cheryl Gallagher) delivers a visionary album rich with musical meditations that blur the line between the tranquility of inner peace and the thrill of discovering unexplored personal realms.

The captivating combination of instruments includes an elegant blend of digital, analog, modular and software synthesizers, concert grand and electric harps, viola, ambient guitar, and Tibetan bowls. The result is a meaningful journey through lush sensual textures and heart-opening phrases that paint powerful scenes of exquisite space and expansive beauty. 

The music breathes naturally between spatial ambient passages and more focused rhythmic structures. Melodic suggestions overlay and interface with ethnic and ceremonial undertones, while sounds of nature provide sonic touchstones to ground the listener within the album’s sweeping etherium. 

Joined by special guests Howard Givens (ambient electric guitar, modular synthesizers, effects) and Stephanie Britten Phillips (Viola), Madhavi Devi journeys into the realm of the collective consciousness that unifies all, sharing space and time in a lush and complex field of mystery and revelation."  

"Creative Inspiration"

This video short features Madhavi Devi, discussing Creative Inspiration and how to access your own creative flow, describing a contemplative approach that she uses to inspire her, that many will find very helpful in any creative endeavor.

About Madhavi's Creative Process and Teaching Methods in Intentional Creativity©

About Intentional Creativity©: "In a nutshell, Intentional Creativity© is a process that combines creative expression with mindfulness to support growth & healing. You literally create around your intention. Making art in this way is not about being talented, gifted or artistic. It's not predicated on identifying as an artist or even feeling creative."- (Rachel Bavis


The Intentional Creativity Foundation was created in the knowledge that healing is possible through creativity. We know that all beings are inherently creative. When we are given the tools to create a path of healing and self expression, the ability to transform our lives is in our hands because we have access to our own identity. We believe that inside of every single being resides an internal navigation system which is deeply connected with that person’s core identity and ability to self express.

At the very heart of our work is teaching people how to access this guidance for themselves and use it in the authoring of lasting change in their lives.

The Intentional Creativity Foundation is a platform for transformation without borders. We are committed to forging connections between art, healing, women and the people who love them worldwide. Our delivery vehicle for this is our educational courses, published materials and Red Thread Nation blog and our global online Red Thread Cafe Community with a common vision to lift up the stories and images of our creative works and unfolding stories. For more information:

Madhavi Devi teaches beautiful Intentional Creativity in workshops or in private lessons.
Madhavi Devi meditates
Madhavi plays Concert Grand harp.
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Madhavi Devi at The Recording Academy Austin
Madhavi works on her music at Spotted Peccary Studios NW
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